Retired Engraver selling engraving dies by private offering
This silversmith art form shows nautical or religious themes.
The Die System is a one of a kind engineered system ready to market.
The Nautical theme is completed and production tested.
Early American Whaling 1644/1865 The Last Wood Sail Whaler.
The Washington at Prayer story has been a symbol of faith since the 1700's
This tooling is interchangeable to any themes by changing the engravings.

The only engraving project ever offered by this Engraver Die Engineer.
This project is the result of thousands of man hours intool steel Engraving.
The Die design is unique in removing wrinkles from 3D matched engravings.

The complete system to produce this 10" Silver or Brass Plate.
This production system will Produce 500 engraving copies in 8 hours.
Finishing and rolling borders is accomplished by inexpensive machinery.
These can be produced from many mtls like silver,nickel silver or brass .
You need no experience to make these. The press shop forms these and you market it. The matched engraving are built into a Die Set which has alignment pins/bushings for operation.
The Die Set is standard for set up procedures and can be operated easily by renting press time in any major city. Its common for press shops to rent hourly time, and they have set up operators that are efficient installing die sets to presses and dialling in the numbers to form the parts.
The process is safe and within the standards used every day in this Mfg type.
In order to celebrate large wood sailing ships and whales while still showing history, the harpoon boat can be includud or removed from the engravings as the photo's show. This is a complete system tp produce the plates.                      Wood frames are purchaced in the USA.

Thanks for your interest. Lew Heur